European Car Services

Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo…and more


European cars are a different breed of animals. The local mechanic probably has never heard of brake sensor wires or why synthetic oils are so important. And as a shop owner, I can tell you that very few parts houses carry brands such as Mann or Mahle or Conti.

“Is it really that important?”, you may ask. “I mean it is just another car, right?” No. It is not just another car!

Proper parts and fluids are critical. You wouldn’t install Microsoft parts in an Apple computer would you? Not if you wanted it to work.

So it is with European cars.

For 40 years Robert Weinberg, co owner of  Automotive Specialists Maintenance & More has been working on and playing with European cars. He has all the equipment, parts, knowledge and care necessary to keep your European thoroughbred alive and well for a long long time.